You inspired me fabulous ladies!

Last week, the post I wrote for the Inspire&flourish linky for the fabulous Kate took me some time to write as it was the first one. I must admit I was that close to give up. But I gave my word to Kate, so I wanted to do it.

I warned her, though: I was very unlikely to take part again the following week. But while I was reading other posts this week, it got me thinking. I was reading so many fabulous stories and adventures. I had to share it and shout about these amazing bloggers.

So here we go; I am back again at it with 5 posts I loved last week. And I think you need to have a look at them! Ready? Go! On y va!

  1. My first pick of the week is about #BML16 by Sarah at MumMuddingThrough. I know what you are going to say. #BML16 is finished now and everyone is talking about MumsnetBloggingAwards. Or should I say #MNBlogAwards as a trendy blogger I am? By the way, feel free to nominate me. I don’t have any real hope to win, but it would be funny and great if someone did… Anyway, back to Sarah. I loved her post because she wrote about #BML16 with such a refreshing tone. Her do’s and don’ts list was just parfaite and I am planning to use some of her tips when I attend myself my first blogging conference.
  1. Next, comes a lovely letter to her son from L. at Adventures with J. She linked up this post with many different linkies and I still didn’t come across it. God knows how much I love linkies! Not only her little boy is just gorgeous and L’s pics are fabulous on her website, I also love all the stuff she listed about her little man. For example, he has learnt to kiss her 😍. This is so cute and such a nice way to celebrate a milestone like that. Frenchie Mummy loves kisses too. I would love to write the same type of post when my Baba is 1-year-old. Thanks for the inspiration. It’s pure love from a maman Have a look!
  1. My next pick of the week is 25 Things that Piss Me Off by the (so not!) Domesticated Momster. I can relate to this post so well. At least 20 of these things annoy me too. She hates cleaning like me! Welcome to the club. More seriously, I love the way Trista just says what she thinks, no matter what. She doesn’t care about the etiquette and if she wants to shout the big naughty word F… O.., she does so. I think I am very much like that too sometimes. I told you I was a nutter who has weird ideas, right? Her posts always make me chuckle.
  1. My next choice is a bit more serious but so useful. I am talking about the amazing Aby from You Baby Me Mummy. I particularly loved reading her tips page. No particular post here as the whole category is pretty useful to any blogger. So nice of her to share her best tips! I know that I will come back to her page more than once! I also contacted her (yep, I asked for help again!) and she was so lovely about the whole thing. MERCI Aby 😍😘😘!
  1. My last choice is also a fabulous blogger that you must all know and if you don’t, please correct this mistake ASAP!!! I am talking about the great Alison at Not Another Mummy Blog. I loved reading How To Break Your Breton Top Habit this week. Please, Alison, don’t stop wearing Breton Tops 😏! So Frenchie, I had to talk about it. But have a look at her other posts. And her website is just gorgeous with magnifiques pictures. A real inspiration.

So here is my list for this week. I hope you will enjoy reading and discovering some of the most amazing ladies in the blogosphere at the moment.

They all inspired me in different aspects and there is no way I would have continued blogging without people like them! Or you readers 😁. So continue to read our posts and don’t forget to share for l’amour du blog!

One more thing from a newbie blogger who is thinking about attending her first blogging conference soon:

Nominations for the Mumsnet Blogging Awards 2016 are on until 31st July. If you liked this post, I would love you to nominate me for the Best Writer category. It’s very simple; just click on the link above. Merci from a Frenchie blogger 😘

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65 thoughts on “You inspired me fabulous ladies!

  1. Aww thanks so much for mentioning me. I do like to keep it real and said so from the beginning. I can be quite opinionated sometimes *laughs* ok who am I kidding …a lot of the time. I’m glad to have gotten to meet you in this great big blogosphere and love reading your mummy antics and learning a little French along the way! *muah*

    Liked by 3 people

    1. Please don’t change. I love it that way and I am sure your readers do as well. I am quite opinionated myself sometimes. That’s probably why some people think I am nuts 😁 xx

      Liked by 2 people

  2. It’s such a great idea to share your favourite blogs and posts with others!! When I’ve finished commenting for this linky, I’ve barely got time to join any others, so it’s good to get some further great post recommendations!! I’ve read Sarah’s (mum muddling through,) hers is one of my favourite blogs!! I also love Domesticated Momster!! I will check out the other posts asap!!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. What a great list. Love adventures with J. I read that same list. I’m amazed at often I see you and link near you recently, you are a fab newbie blogger and love what your doing! Keep up the good work! #bigpinklink

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Aaaaah you picked one of my closest blog friends and one of the best writers out there, MMT. She’s fab and I’m so thrilled to have finally met her at BML recently. How gorgeous does the Adventures with J site look? Thanks for that tip! And I’m thrilled that you know my Twitter mate Dom Mom Trista, yay! She’s a hoot! Sadly I didn’t meet my fellow finalist Alison when she came up for the BiBs; such a shame as she seems lovely. By the way, I bought my first Breton top (not quite like Alison’s but still très Parisien) a few months ago and I love love it. Reminds me of my Paris days and yes…goes with loads! #BigPinkLink

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I could have chosen so many others. I will definitely do again Kate’s linky to share the love of blog. Thanks for reading x


    1. Oh non! A bit embarrassing… I forgot you were hosting this linky. Sorry I didn’t want to play nice to you and I am sure you already read my post anyway 😁 Thanks to take the time to comment on it though xx


  5. What a great idea to do a regular round up of posts that have inspired you or just made you smile. I’ve already read a couple of these but I’ve bookmarked the others for some weekend entertainment. Thanks for sharing.
    Potty Adventures

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  6. Aby’s tips are great and I love the Domesticated Momster – also the Breton tops are fine (a certain Duchess agrees, anyway!) This is a really great list and I love the Audrey Hepburn pic too (she is amaaazing!) #fabfridaypost

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  7. so many amazing blogs, and bloggers, some of these I ahed read but the oaths I will check out for sure! Thanks for sharing some great reads for me to check out, have a great weekend #fabFridaypost

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  8. Some great posts and blogs here! I will be checking them out. Are you thinking of going to Mumsnet blogfest this year? I went last year and it was fab! Hoping to go again this year too. Thanks for sharing with #WhatImWriting xx

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