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  1. Emma Walton
    December 6, 2017 / 9:48 am

    I would particularly like to try the Breakfast Smoothie.

  2. lesley renshaw
    December 6, 2017 / 9:57 am

    I’m at the age where the crow’s feet are beginning to show to would love to try the WINDOWS OF THE SOUL eye treatment gel-cream. Need all the help I can get! lol x

  3. Charlotte
    December 6, 2017 / 10:55 am

    the trufflesque mask sounds lovely

  4. clair brown
    December 6, 2017 / 11:14 am

    The breakfast smoothie exfoliator sounds good

  5. Julia Alfred
    December 6, 2017 / 12:18 pm

    I’d like to try the In The Beginning deep cleansing melt.

  6. Zoe Brown
    December 6, 2017 / 12:25 pm

    the silent night slumber kit need all the help i can get lol

  7. Amy Lambert
    December 6, 2017 / 12:25 pm

    I would love to try the breakfast smoothie gentle exfoliator

  8. Chrissy Harris
    December 6, 2017 / 1:38 pm

    I would love try the purification mask as I love face masks

  9. Stef
    December 6, 2017 / 2:07 pm

    WINDOWS OF THE SOUL eye treatment gel-cream

  10. June Lord
    December 6, 2017 / 5:23 pm

    I’d love to try the Breakfast Smoothie exfoliator. I think I’ve got a lot of build up and dead skin to remove.

  11. Frances Sunshine Hopkins
    December 6, 2017 / 6:11 pm

    Trufflesque Mask

  12. Ashleigh Allan
    December 6, 2017 / 6:43 pm

    The breakfast smoothie exfoliator

  13. Lorraine Tinsley
    December 6, 2017 / 8:17 pm

    I’d like to try Breakfast Smoothie gentle exfoliator.

  14. Sheila Reeves
    December 7, 2017 / 6:59 am

    The EXALT firming neck gel sounds as if it would be perfect for me!

  15. Angela Rennox
    December 7, 2017 / 7:51 am

    IT’S ALL GOOD nutritious facial oil

  16. A.E. ADKINS
    December 7, 2017 / 9:35 am

    I’d like to to try the silent night slumber kit

  17. Sobia
    December 7, 2017 / 4:37 pm

    I would like to try the Silent night slumber kit x

    December 7, 2017 / 6:19 pm

    id love to try the silent night sleep kit….i dnt sleep well so this would be a great help x

  19. Clare Cooling
    December 7, 2017 / 6:55 pm

    Hhhhhmmmm, I’d love to try It’s All Good facial oil (I do use in the beginning when I can, it’s an amazing product)

  20. Jules Eley
    December 7, 2017 / 8:44 pm

    I am excited to try Breakfast Smoothie.

  21. Dean T
    December 9, 2017 / 12:08 am

    The slumber kit for me (alhough my missus would get the set)

  22. Tracey Anderson
    December 9, 2017 / 2:30 am

    PURIFICATION deep cleansing mask sounds lovely and perfect for glowing skin ready for the party season 🙂 x

  23. Jade Hewlett
    December 9, 2017 / 9:11 am

    I’d like to try the IT’S ALL GOOD nutritious facial oil

  24. Senja Kaarela
    December 9, 2017 / 11:06 am

    Would love to try PURIFICATION deep cleansing mask to get that fresh, healthy glow back

    December 9, 2017 / 6:47 pm

    I would love to try the trufflesque mask as a lovely treat.

  26. Beverley Cousins
    December 9, 2017 / 7:25 pm

    The Exalt Neck firming cream would be wonderful to try!

  27. Suzanne O'Neill
    December 9, 2017 / 10:19 pm

    Breakfast smoothie exfoliator

  28. Michelle Ferguson
    December 10, 2017 / 4:14 pm

    I would like to try the silent night slumber kit

  29. Amy J
    December 10, 2017 / 5:00 pm

    I’d love to try breakfast smoothie!a

  30. Lynsey Buchanan
    December 11, 2017 / 9:32 am

    The deep cleansing mask sounds wonderful.

  31. Andrea Fletcher
    December 12, 2017 / 8:20 pm

    The silent night slumber kit.

  32. Hayley Lynch
    December 13, 2017 / 11:07 pm

    Im nearly 50 so I think the firming neck gel may be useful!

  33. Shelley Jessup
    December 14, 2017 / 4:11 pm

    I am so very desperate to try TRUFFLESQUE ultra hydration & radiance masque

  34. Lucia Critchley
    December 15, 2017 / 4:14 pm

    I would like to try the REPOSE aromatherapy resting cream. It sounds very relaxing

  35. Amanda K
    December 16, 2017 / 1:52 am

    Id like to try the Silent Night slumber kit. Merci beaucoup

  36. Margaret Clarkson
    December 16, 2017 / 1:01 pm

    The silent night slumber kit

  37. Yolanda Davis
    December 16, 2017 / 5:34 pm

    I’d like to try the deep cleansing melt

  38. Karolina K
    December 17, 2017 / 10:02 am

    I would love to try some Breakfast Smoothie Gentle Exfoliatior! <3

  39. Carolyn99
    December 17, 2017 / 5:18 pm

    I would like to try so many of these products, but especially the breakfast smoothie as I need a bit of exfoliating…but then I need a few things now that I have a big birthday coming up very soon!

  40. lucy (sings) barlow
    December 17, 2017 / 10:50 pm

    Eye Truffle – I so often look tired around the eyes after busy performing periods

  41. Random Musings
    December 18, 2017 / 12:26 am

    I’d love to try the windows of the soul eye gel

  42. Isabel O
    December 18, 2017 / 6:33 pm

    I would love to try the toning essence, I’m really into varying my night time routine at the moment to try and get on top of my skin issues.

  43. Elaine Savage
    December 19, 2017 / 10:25 am

    I would love to try the WINDOWS OF THE SOUL eye treatment

  44. Jessica Barber
    December 19, 2017 / 6:16 pm

    The breakfast smoothie s exfoliator sounds just up my street!

  45. Christina Palmer
    December 19, 2017 / 7:20 pm

    Silent night slumber kit sounds lovely

  46. Jayne Townson
    December 20, 2017 / 8:43 pm

    Thanks for this, I would love to try the DRIFT AWAY Relaxing Bathing & Massage Oil, because it sounds nice and relaxing.

  47. Nikki Hayes
    December 21, 2017 / 4:36 pm

    In the Beginning deep cleansing melt sounds fantastic :o)

  48. claire croft
    December 22, 2017 / 3:27 pm

    the skin truffle total radiance look lush

    December 22, 2017 / 5:14 pm

    eye treatment gel-cream

  50. Angela Kelly
    December 23, 2017 / 11:50 am

    I’d like to try the Purification Mask, my skin is badly in need of a treat.

    December 26, 2017 / 9:13 am

    The breakfast smoothie exfoliator.

  52. Kayleigh Watkins
    December 26, 2017 / 5:15 pm

    What a lovely giveaway, I have temple Spa products and they are really good. Xx

  53. Mary H
    December 27, 2017 / 10:18 am

    I would love to try the WINDOWS OF THE SOUL eye treatment gel-cream as it sounds great

  54. lynn savage
    December 27, 2017 / 5:51 pm

    I’d like to try the BREAKFAST SMOOTHIE gentle exfoliator, sounds interesting

  55. Kirsteen Mackay
    December 28, 2017 / 11:21 am

    I would love to try the purification deep cleansing mask

    December 28, 2017 / 8:07 pm

    the breakfast smoothie gentle exfoliator sounds fab x

  57. Chloe Taylor
    December 29, 2017 / 11:41 am

    The Skin Specialist Set looks fantastic. Thanks for an amazing giveaway! XX

  58. Natalie Gillham
    December 29, 2017 / 11:55 am

    I’d love to try the WINDOWS OF THE SOUL eye treatment gel-cream

    December 29, 2017 / 6:21 pm

    I would love to try the Toning Essence

  60. Paul Ballantine
    December 30, 2017 / 10:13 am

    WINDOWS OF THE SOUL eye treatment gel-cream. I’ve noticed I’m aging ? lol

  61. Kat Allinson
    December 30, 2017 / 7:32 pm

    Oh wow this looks amazing, I would particularly liked to try the eye treatment gel

  62. Carole Nott
    December 30, 2017 / 8:22 pm

    great giveaway – would love to try first the Purification deep cleansing mask – looks lovely

    December 30, 2017 / 8:34 pm

    Temple Spa sounds luxurious, ideal for rehydrating dry lifeless skin.

  64. Bee Hunt
    December 31, 2017 / 2:05 am

    I’d love to try the It’s All Good facial face seems to prefer oil.

  65. gemma louise
    January 1, 2018 / 9:43 am

    IN THE BEGINNING deep cleansing melt, 15ml
    Think this would be the best one right now for my skin!

  66. Tracy Gladman
    January 1, 2018 / 12:55 pm

    I would like the purifying deep cleansing mask.

    January 1, 2018 / 3:54 pm

    The Rest & Restore collection

  68. Theresa Thomas
    January 1, 2018 / 9:11 pm

    I would like to try Breakfast Smoothie gentle exfoliator.

  69. Tee Simpson
    January 1, 2018 / 10:32 pm

    I would love to try the Breakfast Smoothie gentle exfoliator.

  70. Sarah Austin
    January 2, 2018 / 9:13 am

    The breakfast smoothie exfoliator sounds great!

  71. Kat Allinson
    January 2, 2018 / 4:56 pm

    I would like to try thr Breakfast smoothie gentle exfoliator

  72. Susan B
    January 3, 2018 / 1:59 pm

    My skin is very dry so I would particularly like to try the IT’S ALL GOOD nutritious facial oil.

  73. Rebecca Gornall
    January 3, 2018 / 4:22 pm

    Definitely the Aromatherapy Resting Cream. Sounds delicious!

  74. Patricia Avery
    January 3, 2018 / 5:34 pm

    Exalt, the firming neck gel would be lovely but to be honest I just want to try them all!

  75. sharon catterall
    January 3, 2018 / 6:03 pm

    id love to try the PURIFICATION deep cleansing mask, 15ml

  76. su williams
    January 3, 2018 / 6:52 pm

    I’d love to try the Exalt firming neck gel. I’ve tried their bath foam and moisturiser in a hotel before and the fragrances are simply gorgeous.

  77. tracy sinclair
    January 3, 2018 / 8:50 pm

    The IT’S ALL GOOD nutritious facial oil sounds good, would love to try this x

  78. Susan Martin
    January 4, 2018 / 4:34 pm

    The breakfast smoothie

  79. Kev Cannon
    January 4, 2018 / 5:31 pm

    My wife would like to try Breakfast Smoothie gentle exfoliator.

  80. Sheila Reeves
    January 5, 2018 / 7:59 am

    I’d love to try WINDOWS OF THE SOUL eye treatment gel-cream too

  81. Kelly Litchfield
    January 5, 2018 / 9:43 am

    I would love to try the Windows of the soul eye treatment gel on my tired eyes

  82. Rebecca Gornall
    January 5, 2018 / 2:23 pm

    Windows to the soul, eye gel

  83. Nikki Hayes
    January 5, 2018 / 2:38 pm

    WINDOWS OF THE SOUL eye treatment gel-cream – what a fantastic name for the product!

  84. Angela Macdonald
    January 5, 2018 / 9:02 pm

    I would love to try the Repose aromatherapy resting cream

  85. Kerry Webber
    January 5, 2018 / 11:10 pm

    I like the sound of the EXALT firming neck gel. I’d give that a go!

  86. Petra Beck
    January 6, 2018 / 8:31 am

    I have dry skin and would love to try the “It’s all good” facial oil.

  87. Pauline Burroughs
    January 6, 2018 / 9:19 am

    I’d like to try the Exalt Neck firming cream

  88. Hayley Todd
    January 6, 2018 / 9:47 am

    I would love to try the Temple Spa Eye Truffle ( Complete Eye Rejuvenation) as now my skin is ageing I am noticing the skin under my eyes has changed.

    • Cecile Blaireau
      February 5, 2018 / 7:34 am

      We tried it and it is fab

  89. Anthea Holloway
    January 6, 2018 / 11:18 am

    I would love to try the IT’S ALL GOOD nutritious facial oil

  90. Linda Guest
    January 6, 2018 / 12:43 pm

    Windows of the Soul eye treatment as i’ve reached ‘that’ age and could do with a bit of facial TLC

  91. Kate Davies
    January 6, 2018 / 4:06 pm

    I would love to try the Breakfast Smoothie gentle exfoliator.

    January 6, 2018 / 4:43 pm

    I’d love to try IT’S ALL GOOD nutritious facial oil

  93. Nikki Hayes
    January 6, 2018 / 5:01 pm

    IT’S ALL GOOD nutritious facial oil – I keep meaning to try a facial oil :o)

  94. Melanie
    January 6, 2018 / 7:25 pm

    I would love to try the Exalt Firming Neck Gel. Certainly something I need for my neck!

  95. Amy Jo McLellan
    January 6, 2018 / 8:29 pm

    I’d love to try the Toning Essence 🙂

  96. Chris Dent
    January 6, 2018 / 10:00 pm

    I would love to try the ‘Windows of the soul Eye treatment’ … at my age you need to look after that delicate eye area!

  97. Tee Simpson
    January 6, 2018 / 11:30 pm

    The breakfast smoothie exfoliator 

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